• Administration

    Under Clause-5 of the Scheme an Administrative Body comprising 5 Board members representing three beneficiaries i.e. KPT, Stevedores and Ship Agents is notified by the Federal Government to carry-out day to day administration under the control and supervision of the Chairman and the Board. The present Members of Admin Body are as under :-

    • Mr. Sabir Hassan
    • Rear Admiral (Retd) Hamid Khalid
    • Mr. Mohammad A Rajpar
    • Mr. Niaz Ali Jessar
    • Ms. Irfan H.A.Vazeer

  • At present 38 Stevedoring Companies licensed by the Karachi Port Trust are registered with the Board as registered employers of the dock workers.

  • At the time of promulgation of KDLB Scheme in 1973, 8598 dock workers previously working with different stevedoring companies at the Port were registered and brought on KDLB Roster for the purpose of regulating their employment under the provisions of the KDLB Scheme. The present strength of dock workers is 2900.

  • The Board ensures equal opportunity of employment to all the registered dock workers on roster under Rotational System of employment. The Stevedores' are required to submit their daily requisition for dock workers at Booking Call stands and dock workers are allocated to them according to their actual requirement. The dock workers so allocated are required to work as per instructions of stevedoring companies' foreman/representatives.

    The present ratio of actual employment available to dock workers is about 38% of the total strength, thus a registered dock worker gets 11 days employment while the Board ensures guaranteed minimum wages, pension, group insurance, conveyance allowance and other allowances (such as free medical treatment (including fathers, mothers & sisters) for which the Board has established its own hospital and medical centers).