• Objects of the scheme

    The objects of this Scheme are to ensure greater regularity of employment for dock workers and to secure that adequate number of dock workers is available for the efficient performance of the dock work, expeditious and economic turn-round of the ships and speedy transit of the goods through the Port.

    1. The Scheme provides for a method of registration for dock workers as well as registration of their employers i.e. stevedoring companies.
    2. The obligations of the dock workers and employers (stevedoring companies) under the Scheme have been prescribed.
    3. Restriction on employment. Under Clause-37 of the Scheme it has been provided that no person other than the registered employers shall employ any workers on dock work nor shall a registered employer engage a worker on dock work unless that worker is a registered dock worker with the Karachi Dock Labour Board.
    4. The Scheme provides for the establishment of Karachi Dock Labour Board for day to day administration of the Scheme.
    5. The Scheme empowers the Board to regulate terms and conditions of the employment of dock workers and also introduce an Incentive Scheme providing reward for good work.
    6. The duties and responsibilities of various functionaries required to implement various provisions of the Scheme are detailed.
    7. The Scheme empowers the Board for appointing committees to whom it may entrust such of its functions as it may deem necessary to facilitate compliance with the provision of the Scheme.
    8. The disciplinary procedures are laid down under the Scheme.