• At the time of promulgation of KDLB Scheme in 1973 the Board inherited registration of 8598 workers, This strength was considered surplus when compared to actual requirement at that time which was 4500 workers.

    • The gap between acquired and required strength could not be narrowed due to state of unemployment and political situation in the country.

    • The Board has been ensuring minimum wages, treatment facilities and other allowances to surplus workers on its roster by generating fund through cess

    • The working of KDLB Scheme was reviewed in 2000 and in order to improve economic viability of the Scheme, it was decided :
    i) To impose ban on Son's registration in place of retired/expired workers.
    ii) To rationalize the workers' strength gradually to 2500.

    The workers' strength has been reduced to 2900 as on 31st December 2011 while Board in its meeting of 16th November, 2006 has fixed the target number of Registered Workers to remain on roster as 1700. Steps are being taken to rationalize the workers' strength to required level of 1700 workers.

    The present state of employment during the month of Dec'2011 remained as under :-


    Registered Strength

    Average Daily Employment

    workers left

    Av.daily workers
    On Leave/

    Highest No.of workers
    in a day.



    1114   38.42%

    1472   50.77%

    314   10.81%